Bioengineering and Microelectromechanical Systems

Our Focus

Nanomechanical Biology: Multivalent Adhesion

    Multivalent Variable Lymphocyte Receptors
    Antibody targeting of cancer drugs using multivalency


Nanomechanical Biology: Stiffness

    Ovarian cancer
    Nonlinear strain hardening of polymer films
    Tissue & Protein mechanics

  stirling engine

Liquid Piston Stirling Engine

    Single and Multicylinder engines
    Flexible engines
    Solar powered engines


Micro- / Nano-Particle Targeting and Biological Activation

    Biological Janus particles
    Particles to activate the immune system


Microfluidic platforms for particle sorting (MEMS)

    Sorting by size
    Sorting by stiffness

Atomic Force Microscopy Advancement

    Microfluidic Liquid Cell
    Tip hovering
    High-speed AFM imaging
    High-resolution AFM imaging

Chemical and biological sensors (MEMS)